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February 14, 2018

seven years!

What say you? Well... not exactly seven years, more like 2,485 days since my last comic, but who's counting? Hello my adoring fans, your new rumi comic #52 just posted! It only took a mere 5 hours to get it up from concept to finished product. After spending almost seven years crafting non-rumbuncious awesomeness, I'd say that is an improvement! Realize that I had to practice holding a pencil all over again and working on these ancient machinery thingies called a desktop computer, keyboard, and <gasp> mouse. Realize that Rumi and Skye have such fancy hairstyles that it takes an astonishing amount of erasing to make it look just right. Realize I need to make some money for some drawing lessons because my undo button is super worn out. Honestly, I actually had to refer to my old comics because I can't remember what my characters even look like anymore, oh the shame. But I wanted to let you know I am still lurking here. I've missed Rumi and friends. I hope to have another comic up sooner rather than later. Keeping it mysterious to force you to join my mailing list! Happy Valentine's Day! Thanks for visiting :)


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