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September 24, 2006

one month

Yay, we made it past our one month anniversary! It's been over a month since rumbuncious comics launched! According to our reports, 13 comics have been released! There have been 2,168 page loads (granted, 96.5% were from me)! We had 476 unique vistors! And best of all, I've potentially made 65 cents from Google! That is so awesome! I'm gonna put that in my french fry fund! More comics to come! Thanks again for visiting!


Posted by Anonymous cbr600rri @ 2:00 PM:

wow, will you look at that, it just past the TWO month anniversary, CONGRATS! hehe...hmmm, how many french fries can you buy with 65 cents??

Posted by Blogger LindaT @ 2:23 PM:

I have yet to find a place that sells fries for 65 cents, believe me I’ve tried. I've even been known to flash my laminated rumbuncious business card at the fast food counter and still nada! But, in my expert opinion, free fries taste the best. My advice to you, find that special someone who will treat you to a candlelight dinner with a nice bucket of fries and you'll have it made ;)


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